Greeting Words from the President and Founder of the International Stenka Martial Art Federation.

World Stenka Championship in Moscow 2016 is approaching. It is scheduled on October 28-30, 2016. We are asking the teams and coaches to start preparations for the championship ahead of time in order to avoid obstacles in organizational process. Let’s try together to conduct a great tournament. I am sure it will be so.
Dear friends we wait for all of you on our World Stenka Tournament 2016!
Honor, Loyalty, Justice, Compassion, Honesty, Courtesy, Courage, they are the precepts of “One for all and all for one”code that was the way of life of a noble knights, musketeers or other national and international heroes, this is real Budo (as they say in Japan), Stenka is a Culture Legacy and this should be shared and cultivate in each practice, something that many people are forgetting … If you practice these concepts within you, You are a Real Stenoshnik! The Stenka World Cup Tournament reminds everybody this, if this is forgotten, the practice does not make sense… 2016 is the opportunity and proper time to preserve everything with you. As you may know, we are also working for the Stenka to be recognized by UNESCO as part of its approved education curriculum and also to be recognized by IOC as part of International Olympic sports family.
Japan, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Lithuania, Malaysia, Danemark, Estonia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, France, USA, Canada, China, Switzerland, Slovakia, Greece and Italy have confirmed their participation at the 1st Stenka World Cup Tournament in Moscow – Russia, October 2016!
Are you going to miss it..? Be a part of the History of the Stenka. Be there to create Strong Energy, and a good, pure Team Spirit. Stenka means Wall but the Wall of invincible team spirit, the way of what is right, the way of Honor, the way of Truth, the way of Honesty, the way of Spirituality, respect others, help, energy, humble, these are the principals of the Stenka World Cup Tournament, this is Stenka! These are the concepts that have been lost and we must recover and protect. Together we can do it if we believe in truth, honor and blessing. Together we must protect Stenka, a Culture Legacy. Everyone is welcome to participate and be “ONE more” that will do something about it. Everybody is welcome and free to participate without any pressure, and be free. We are all Stenka Brothers and Sisters, and Brothers don’t have to fight, they defend the rest of the family. Please, be free to choose to protect our Stenka  Style, be with all of us at the Stenka World Cup Tournament, together as family, as Brothers and Sisters every 3 years!
Furthermore, I am pleased and happy to announce that we would like to see more Stenka athletes from different countries to come to Moscow because not only World Stenka Championship but also International Stenka Seminar will be held at the same time.
Thank you so much and see you soon.
Kind Regards
Valeriy Maistrovoy
President of the International Stenka Martial Art Federation

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