Contingents have to inform the organizer, details of their arrival latest by the 28th September 2016 and forward the arrival & departure forms through posting, fax or emails at this below stated address: Moscow Martial Arts Federation, 13 Snezhnaya str., 129323 Moscow, Russia Phone: +7 499 180 9473, +7 499 180 4354 Fax: +7 499[…]

Referees and Jurors

Referees & Jurors. The competitions will be conducted by Stenka Federation referee & Juror holding the International Certificate or Individual Country / States Referee Certificate nominated by the respective Stenka Federation of each country / state.  Moscow Martial Arts Federation will be responsible for the accommodation, meals & transportation in Moscow. One day of refresher[…]

Competing Categories

Competing Categories & Eligibility of Age 18 yrs old above up to 40 yrs old. Competitions are held in three disciplines. Borba – (wrestling) without strikes and strangulations. Match categories male: To 68 kg., To 74 kg., To 82 kg ., Open (above) 82 kg.

Match categories:

Match categories female: To 50 kg To 60 kg Open (above) 60 kg 6.2 Sam na Sam – authorized strikes, throws, strangulations (like PRIDE, MMA and K1 fights but held in clothes). Match categories male: To 68 kg To 74 kg To 82 kg Open (above) 82 kg Match categories female: To 50 kg To[…]

The Stenka Martial Art and Sport

Stenka – is an unique Martial Art and self-defense system, which is a native Russia. Stenka appeared around 1000 years ago, but after the revolution of 1917 its development was completely stopped and reconstruction of this Martial Art has taken place only in the 21 century. At this moment, Russian Martial Art Stenka develops in[…]

Schedule Stenka 2016

Following up on previous circular concerning the World Stenka Championship 2016 and the International Stenka Seminar, we hereby inform you that International Stenka Martial Art Federation as the host and organizer has set the date and venue of the events as follow: Date: October 29, 2016 – International Stenka Seminar; October 30, 2016 – World[…]