World Stenka Championship 2016 and International Stenka Seminar

Time Schedule

October 28, 2016 – arrival in Moscow; October 29, 2016 – The International seminar; October 30, 2016 – The World Stenka championship. Opening Ceremony, competitions, finals, Winner’s reward Ceremony and Banquet; October 31, 2016 – Departure from Moscow.


Let's take a look at who your Stenka instructors will be.
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Master Valeriy Maistrovoy

International Stenka Martial Art Federation – president and founder
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Roman Gruzinov

Chief instructor of Stenka Russia
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Jean-Christophe Parola

Chief instructor of Stenka France
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Ryota Matsune

Chief instructor of Stenka Japan
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Meqami Bayramov

Chief instructor of Stenka Azerbaijan
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Marek Rusyniak

Chief instructor of Stenka Slovakia
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Wong Cheng Hao

Chief instructor of Stenka China
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Herbert Possenriede (Germany)

Judo and Ju-Jitsu Legend will be a special guest instructor at the 2016 Stenka International seminar this October!
Mr. Possenriede has a career in Judo spanning more than 55 years!

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